Monday, November 28, 2016

The Biden Antidote

On August 18, 2015, we published The Biden Antidote. Ah, bygone days....

The Biden Antidote

Let’s talk about chaos. 

Not Republican chaos, although one can never find enough time to dwell in the lush garden of dysfunctionality that flourishes in the Land of Big Hearts and Big Tents.

Democratic chaos.  Time to discuss Hillary Clinton, the clear (and possibly doomed) frontrunner for their nomination.  You can love Bernie Sanders to death, or harbor a secret craving for those Men of the Mid-Atlantic Webb and O’Malley, but when every nose has been counted, it’s her nomination.

So the eggs in the basket all have Hillary painted on the side.  But it’s a gigantic gamble, because outside the Hillary-haters, and the Hillary acolytes, no modern politician, short of perhaps Richard Nixon, produces such complex feelings. Either enough of those “conflicted” people will respect her toughness, think of her as able and experienced, and choose her to be our next President.  Or, they will look extra closely at every imperfection (and there are many) and decide they just don’t want what she has to offer—especially in the package she’s wrapped in.