Sunday, September 4, 2011

The "Moderator's" comments are very well taken. We are a people, if we choose to acknowledge it, and we generally treat each other well. However, there are those who do not, and we are reminded of this every time we watch the news. So, the good will that we experience by interacting with our fellow man is, unfortunately, tempered by the fact that many of our species choose to prey upon their neighbors, local businesses, and even family members. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the NY World Trade Center, Pentagon and PA hijack attacks. We should never forget that there are forces out there who are trying to destroy us... and they do not always appear in planes crashing into buildings. There is a happy medium between being complacent and being vigilant. I think this blog will be important because it will bring together divergent views which are NOT based upon an attempt to discredit the "other side." As a contributor, I intend to respect the other person's opinion , while pointing out the fallacy in his or her point of view. Similar to the Moderator indicating he was not a "red state" guy, I am not a "blue state"guy, and I intend to hold these liberals' feet to the fire. Reality is a difficult thing and I do not think the liberal side has any understanding thereof.